Buy Shipping Containers: Receive Guaranteed 13.5% Return As Monthly Income

Published: 26th March 2012
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Here is a very unconventional approach to wealth-building… one that will give you a fully-insured, GUARANTEED 13.5% RETURN on your money while you enjoy zero-risk. Want a higher return? How about a guaranteed 16% ROI?

This has nothing to do with investing in the conventional sense. It is not about stocks, bonds, commodities, options or trading any type of securities. No broker, agent or financial planner is needed. It is too simple for that.

Instead, what this is about is parking some of your money with an American company in the transportation sector… one that is enjoying phenomenal success and growth, hence the high return. Not only is this a GUARANTEED 13.5% RETURN, it could also yield a guaranteed 16% if the investment is a little more.

So what is this unusual approach to wealth-building? Two words: intermodal containers!

Transportation is huge. And the focus is on the shipping of goods throughout north America by way of intermodal rail containers. There is a huge and ever-increasing demand for shipping containers and here's why…

Intermodal rail containers reduce the cost of long-distance freight by over 70-80% and with far less environmental impact, while reducing dependence on imported oil.

That statement alone addresses three concerns: Cost. Environmental impact. Foreign oil.

Is it any wonder that shippers of cargo across north America are clamoring to lease intermodal rail containers to ship their goods? Makes perfect sense.

The surge in diesel and related prices has increased the cost of long-distance trucking by 25% between January, 2009 and April 15, 2011. There is currently a shortage of over 1 million intermodal rail containers in the USA and Canada.

There is also a severe shortage of temperature-controlled intermodal containers necessary for moving perishables. Intermodal Wealth/Lease has orders for 3,500 temperature-controlled intermodal containers that need to be filled within the next 90 days.

When you purchase a container, one of the shipping vendors on the company's waiting list steps in and enters into a 7-year lease contract for your container. This creates an immediate monthly income of 13.5% to 16% to you, depending upon the size of the container you buy, and how many.

To make things even simpler, Intermodal Wealth/Lease handles all of the paperwork and details for you. Payment is guaranteed. Because of the generous return, simplicity of operation and huge demand for its services, no pension plan or IRA can even come close to providing the kind of security and peace of mind that Intermodal Wealth/Lease offers its clients.

Intermodal containers cannot become technologically obsolete either. They are made of steel, are simple to maintain and manage, and are fully insured against loss and damage.

It has also been shown that intermodal containers are an excellent hedge against inflation and depreciating currencies. The value of these containers also increases as the demand for their use increases. As long as there is trade, there will be a huge demand for intermodal containers. Further, their value has historically increased as trade increases.

These are all very compelling reasons to investigate the full potential of investing in one of the most sought after modes of cargo transportation in north America: Intermodal containers. Your investment (purchase) is always safe, and creates an inflation-proof monthly income. Still… due diligence should always be at the forefront of any financial decision, and this is no exception.

I have personally done my share of investigation and research, including writing to the Attorney General's office where the company is located. What I received back in writing from their office assured me: There were "zero complaints".

I also discovered that an investment (purchase) may be made as either an individual or business, and one does not need to be an American citizen to participate.

After performing my own "due diligence" I purchased one 53-ft. refrigerated container. Everything went very smoothly, and I am now receiving a monthly bank-wire of 13.5% of my investment with nothing taken out. I quickly decided to purchase another one identical to the first.

The payments have always been like clock-work. I have also found that the principals of the company are easy to reach and talk with. I have absolutely no regrets… save one: That I did not discover this years ago!

Please feel free to contact me for details, along with my first-hand experience with the company. I am not an employee of Intermodal Wealth/Lease, but rather a highly-satisfied customer of theirs.

For a very uncomplicated explanation of how this works, visit or to discover how easy this is to put into motion. For me, it's perfect as either a simple investment or a headache-free retirement plan.

And who couldn't use a little more peace of mind when it comes to finances in this economy?

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